TMEA Region 7 North Zone District Bands
TMEA Region 7 North Zone District Bands
Penny Seigler - Executive Chairman  -  Email  -  751 College Ave / PO Box 689   Holliday, TX.  76366 North Zone Rules
All entries will be done on the TMEA website. Directors should have a Campus setup for JH and HS if needed. Go to this page (here) Instrumentation

TMEA North Zone Junior High District Band
? - Band Chairman

TMEA North Zone High School District Band
? - Band Chairman

Slow Etude
Fast Etude
$5 Entry Fee
ATSSB Region Band
  Etudes (Year "B")
$5 Entry Fee @ WFHS
Jan. 27, 2018

Online entries open October 11th.
Deadline for entries: October 28th

Auditions are November 11th
Directors meeting at 12:45
Auditions begin at 1:00
@ Holliday

Online entries open October 4th.
Deadline for entries: October 21st
Auditions are November 4th
Directors meeting at 10:45AM
Auditions begin at 11:00
@ Holliday

Clinic location

JH in WFHS Band Hall

  HS in WFHS Auditorium

Clinic begins at 8:30AM